Monday, July 26, 2010

Traveling and Prepping for CHA!

Well we are here in Chicago. Megan and I have been playing Beauty Tracy has said! LOL! Megan painted my toes with Cricut Heads. She also highlighted my hair for me!! SHE IS A GREAT STYLIST!! I will show a photo of my new color tomorrow!

We left Florida at 7pm Sunday night. We decided to drive straight through! I got about 4 hours of sleep on and off in the van. It took a little over 18 hours to get here.
I wanted to share a few of the sights from the drive.
This is a wind farm! It was TOTALLY COOL! There were 100s of these windmills and more were being built.

This is the sunrise in Indiana. So beautiful!!

The sunset leaving Florida!!


  1. ROFL!!! OMG you are too stinkin funny!!!
    LOVE the toes! And love the sunrise, wow!
    Have fun and keep posting pics of your CHA adventures PLEASE!!! :D

  2. Great photos... can't imagine you drove straight through! Love the Cricut toes, I got the same color too:o) See ya tomorrow!

  3. Oh my gosh can't believe you drove straight through. You tootsies look cute. Have fun and enjoy CHA!

  4. Hey Daphne!!!! You told me you were going to post some pictures last night!!!! Were you having too much fun to keep you FRIENDS up to date??? Hmmmmmm - cant wait to meet you!!!

  5. Love your toes Ms Daphne! Precious! Great pics - but the real question is.... WHAT DID YOU WIN at CHA? LOL