Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Mail For Me Today!!

I got three boxes today!
Two are from the mini-round of GIBBS 4 that Laurie, Tracy and Kimi and I did.
#1- Little doggie container full of bisquits. LOL! Pups will love this!
#2- Cherry picture
#3- Pencils with spinners on top
#4- Really cute rainbow magnet
#5- Halloween Banner!! You can see I already have it hung above the back door!!

This one is from Laurie. CUTE STUFF!!!
#1- Adorable little toilet paper roll album all about tea, full of tea quotes and tea bags.
#2- A group of little charms, they are really adorable!! I can't wait to decorate with these.
#3- A Snowflake ornament
#4- Cute little fluffy doggies embellishment
#5- A Photo Holder.
#6- So cute little altered doll
#7- Little Teapot Christmas ornament

The third box-- MY E-CRAFT CRAFTWELL MACHINE!!! SWEET!!! Will share some photos once I get it set-up.

Good day for me today!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy Mid-October

So the past two weeks have been a fun filled time!
Megan came to visit and we went to Epcot!! She was here for 5 days!

We did some filming and crafting! Had a blast!
Got to go out to dinner with a bunch of my GFs on Thursday. It was GREAT seeing Maggi after months of her being so busy!!And my darling daughter got to join us which was great since I don't get to see her much right now. Had a blast with our photo shoot! I am hoping to share that with everyone soon! (GET ON THOSE PHOTOS LISA!! hehehehe)

Then on Saturday Melissa hosted a fabulous B'day crop for me!! Thanks so much girl! It was a blast as you can see it was Black and "Daphne Pink"! ROFLMAO! The girls that were at the party did a fabulous job! Thanks Theresa, Heidi and Kimi too!! It was wonderful. (oh and thanks to Ben for putting up with us!)

Sunday the 17th was my b'day and I got a call from Rich, who unfortunately had to go out of town for a few days, and my MIL (love her to death!). Spent the day with Teresa in the morning, she spent the night after the party. Then hung out with my boys. Quiet day!
Then this past weekend I went to a crop house in Davenport. The girls were a blast. The food was BAD..BAD I TELL YOU!!! I would tell everyone to STAY AWAY!! What a rip-off. $75 for food and we got about $25 worth!
It has been a fabulous birthday month. I am so happy an appreciative to all my wonderful girls that remembered my birthday and made it so special. Also all the love I got from Facebook and my on-line girls! Thanks again. Those of you that sent your love just reaffirmed that there are those out there that care and those that don't!
Now...if it would just cool off here in Florida and become FALL all would be right with the world!! ROFLMAO!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visit to PA and Rangers Ink Warehouse Sale!


This is the wonderful guys from the warehouse!!


We were the FIRST ones there! LOL! #1!!!

Photos of my paper!

Ok, well I had a request for photos of my paper. So, here it is, this is about 90% of what I have! LOL!