Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kayaking with the Manatees this week

Well this week has been fun! Ron and I went out twice on the water in our kayaks at Blue Springs State Park.

We live less then 2 miles from the park and love going over there to hike, kayak and take photos.

This is me in my kayak with a friendly manatee. He kept coming up to my kayak and licking it. This was the first time I've seen a manatee so close! I was shaking it was so much fun!! This was Monday.

On Wednesday we went out of Blue Springs State Park again. This time we used our tandem kayak. We paddled a couple of miles on a new-to-us little river. It was very cool! It was packed with birds, turtles and gators!

We even found 2 nests of gators! We only saw 1 mommy with a couple babies. But one of the nesting areas had easily 15 babies! It was an amazing site. I paddled us quietly past as Ron took lots of photos.

 This was the only manatee we saw on Wednesday. It was a mom and baby. They went under our kayak, but were not interested in checking us out like the cute guy on Monday.

It is great to get out and kayak after spending all day Tuesday cleaning and taking down all the Christmas decorations. Today it was back to cleaning and I am STILL trying get moved out of my old house. So my son and I spent 2 hours over there and finally the first room is TOTALLY PACKED UP!! That is a big milestone!!  Now to get back there next week a couple days and get a couple more rooms all packed up!

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  1. Really cool photos...Kayaking looks like a lot of fun! Persevere and you will get the old house packed up in no time!