Monday, June 15, 2015

Update On Our Wonderful Crazy Family!

Things have been so busy around our house lately. There are so many great things going on for us right now!!

Over the past several years our home has been open to helping some of the friends of my children. They have come from unsafe or unhappy homes or have just needed someone to give them a loving home to stay in until they got on their feet.

One of the wonderful young men we have taken in, Austin, graduated from high school recently. It has been a long road and we are very proud of him!

We also took in two wonderful young ladies. They are both pregnant now. One is due any day and the other is due middle of July. One is having a girl and the other a boy! I am very excited. I am going to be a Nana soon! 

These are my girls!!

Bekka is going to have a girl....Arkadia! Our little sweet girl is set to arrive any day. Bekka has been in pre-labor for several days now. Wednesday is her next doctor's visit. We are hoping they will induce so we can get things moving!

My other sweet girl..Kat.. is having a little boy. Kat and her fiance Seth are living with us right now. Their little man is going to be named Lincoln. We are going to call him Link....after the Legend of Zelda.  We did a fun photo shoot last week at one of the pretty local parks. Ron is such a great photographer.

I am so excited to be a Nana soon!!

And finally my wonderful son Wesley is working on getting his GED. He has had a rough 18 months, but he has met a great girl (Randi) and he's getting himself together. I am so proud of him!! He only has 1 more test to take and he will have his GED!

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  1. That's a LOT going on! I always said you have a BIG heart! Good luck with it all.